Desk writing pad leather

Width 17.71" x  Heights 13.39"

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117,61 €

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The desk writing pad leather at a glance

  • Vegetable tanned calf leather in 4mm thickness
  • Rounded corners
  • Desk writing pad leather available in 3 sizes, according to your requirements
  • Small: Width 17.71" x Hight 13.39"
  • Can also be used as a mousepad 
  • Luxury for your desk
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Do you need a different size? Contact us
 Desk writing pad leather black.

Desk writing pad leather – simple and beautiful

Pamper your eye and skin every day with the incredible germanmade. desk writing pad leather. The walk to the workplace gets a new feeling of life, if one is allowed to put on a place with such a noble underlay. The vegetable tanned cattle leather is hand-formed in Germany and processed very finely. Robust, very hard-wearing and at the same time supple, this desk pad made of leather makes every touch a pleasure. This makes it possible to write documents in a stylish way. Thanks to its size, it can also be used as a mousepad in a pleasant way and allows you to visually inspect your workspace. A true companion for life, which will not lose quality or look even in intensive use and will give you a long time of pleasure.

Desk writing pad leather – the measurements & prices

Small: W 17.71" / H 13.39"/ D 1.58" = 139,95 €

Desk Writing pad leather – the material

It does not get any better. The finest bovine leather, which is chrome-free tanned and treated with natural oils, has a natural, beautiful look. Robust, hard-wearing and super-smooth is this desk pad of leather wellness for each working day.

Desk writing pad leather – here it’s from

All germanmade. products are made in Germany. This is no exception. Our manufactory in Duesseldorf produces this writing document in a genuine bag makers tradition.

Klemmbretter Leder

The desk writing pad leather as an ideal advertising medium

An advertising message should be associated with a high quality product. The germanmade. desk writing pad leather is the ideal advertising space for your message or your company logo. Every day, your user will sit with a smile at his workplace and give you a grateful thought. Your logo can either be burned into the leather by laser engraving or pressed into the leather as an embossing. We will gladly provide you with a personal offer and advise you competently. Contact us:

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